Life is not the easiest journey for most of us.

Each and every one of us has our own significant story to tell. Most of my adulthood was plagued with chaos and confusion. And in the midst of that chaos, God was blessing me in ways that I could not imagine…I just didn’t see it then.

About Cherise

There are 10 million single mother-lead families in the United States. This is 3x the number in 1960.

I was determined not to let the above statistics define me as a mother or a woman. After enduring a painful divorce, I was determined to create a space that allowed me to share my truth and inspire other while doing so. It’s important as women and as survivors to live through our experiences, not become them. The stories I share are all about me growing through what I've been through. I had to be resilient not only for myself but for the sake of my children and all of you who support my work. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

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