Keep Praying, Keep Pushing

Hey guys!! Sharing my story with you all has been such an amazing experience and such a blessing! God has used my journey in order to help and inspire others. And I must say, that it has been the most amazing, and most fulfilling journey that I have experienced. Everything that we go through has a lesson behind it. Be it good or bad, each experience that we go through in life serves as a small part in creating a big masterpiece—you.

One of the main things that inspired me to start this blog was the realization that I was not alone in this world. This whole campaign is inspired by these crazy times that we live in.

Life is filled with so much uncertainty. Fear was a constant anchor that tried to hold me back every time I wanted to level up. Despite all of that, I had to keep going. I had to keep selling homes and keep encouraging myself. I had to get creative during a worldwide pandemic and begin homeschooling; something I’d never imagined myself doing. Ever! I say all this to say that everyone’s Keep Praying, Keep Pushing looks different but we’ve all had to do it on some level.

And just like everything in life as well as its namesake, the Phoenix Spotlight is being reborn.

Each month I will sit down with a different amazing woman—each one a special variation of the Phoenix—and talk with them about their story and what their Keep Praying, Keep Pushing looks like.

Our journeys makes us who we are. And your journey is doing the same for you. Every step you take brings you closer to being the ultimate masterpiece that God has created you to be.

So I’m inviting you to open up and share your own version of what Keep Praying, Keep Pushing is like for you. So are you interested in sharing your story and inspiring others? Simply fill out this form below and someone will reach out to you with more information on how you can be a guest on our podcast.

Remember, you too are a Phoenix. The best version of you is ready to arise from the ashes, ready to soar. Just Keep Praying, Keep Pushing!