When Plans Go Awry

When Plans Go Awry

Life has a way of knocking us all completely off guard. Generally, we all have some sort of plan or vision of how certain aspects of our lives might unfold—Our careers, our relationships, anything. It all seems so clear when we imagine how our lives might be. We strive to make these visions a reality as nothing can stop it from going wrong.

But what happens when those plans go wrong? What do we do when the life we envisioned for ourselves doesn’t become a reality? Everything seems to be going wrong. We can cry, and beg, and plea for all to go right but nothing seems to be happening and giving up seems so easy.

One thing I’ve learned, is that just because one plan doesn’t work or a dream doesn’t come true, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something else better out there. Here are three lessons that I take when things don’t go according to plan:

1. There’s always Something Bigger and Better

God doesn’t want His children to suffer. He wants us to live in peace under His Wings. To seek Him in everything that we do. I’ve had so many ideas and paths that I’ve wanted to take. And when those plans went awry, I found myself down and depressed. But over time, I learned to let go and let God and I found that an even better plan eventually comes along and slaps me in the face. And that initial plan that I had seemed so small compared to that something new.

2. When You’re Feeling broken, Use That Moment to Become Stronger

One of the many lessons that I’ve learned in my life is that when you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere else to go but up. When a person hits moments like this, it’s hard to imagine if they will get out of it. Some of us even wear masks and try to find ways to cope. I’ve felt that way. But when I hit my rock bottom moment, even my “mask” couldn’t conceal the pain I felt.

When I realized this and looked at the light in my kids’ eyes I knew that I had to bring ME back. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I was able to be ME again. A new ME. A Stronger and better ME.

So when you feel broken and at the bottom, take that moment and seize it! Turn that moment into the beginning of a victory and YOU can shine again!

3. Be Patient, Stay Grounded and Keep Going

So things didn’t go as planned or things have slowed down. But whatever you do, don’t stop. These are just bumps in the road. We all run into them. Just remember that we may be down, but not out. Keep moving! At the end of every storm there is paradise.

If we just keeping sticking to the plan toward success, then it can happen. Remain strong, continue to be positive and good, no, great things will happen in time

Remember, Always pray and keep pushing!