Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Detox

Letting go is never an easy thing. It’s so easy to get comfortable in whatever situations we may fall in. It can be relationships, daily routines, even the food we eat. But what happens when the relationship isn’t right? Or the routine needs to change? Or that food isn’t healthy for you? It’s not easy but in order for there to be growth, we have to get uncomfortable.

No one likes being uncomfortable . I know I don’t. But I learned the hard way that we have to deal with discomfort in order to grow. When I decided that I was ready to break free of the toxic cycle within my marriage, words cannot explain the level of discomfort that I felt. But I knew, I needed to break free so that my sons could see me at my best and I needed to see it for myself.

It was in this process that I learned that it’s ok to let people go. There are so many people in this world that really DO NOT have your best interests at heart. As I continue my process of healing I realized that I was going through a spiritual detox. I learned that no matter how long I had known someone or loved a certain meal or bad habit, I knew that I needed to be at my best. Here are a few things that I’m doing to cleanse my mind, my body, and especially my spirit. Note, that these were not easy to do in the beginning. But as I continue my journey, things slowly but surely get better:

1. Put God in the Front

This was the most important! And once upon a time, I did not do this and I was watching myself fall apart. Sure, I grew up going to church and reading my Bible. But now that I’m in my 30s and have gone and hit rock bottom, I had nowhere to go but up. And when I placed my life back in God’s hands, things became so much clearer. And let me add, that this completely changed my mindset about myself which allowed me to do what’s on the rest of this list and more!

2. Hitting the Gym

Talk about getting my butt whipped into shape! The pain and the sore muscles that come with this can make it easy to quit. But no pain, no gain right? My trainer is extremely supportive and pushes me through. Another thing that helps me as well is the women that I’ve met at the gym. These are women that come from all walks of life! When I cross paths with some of these women, we push each other to make it through! Gonna be real! The soreness is no joke! But the results are worth it!

3. Changing my Diet

Sigh….Anyone who knows me knows that I love to eat junk food! From pasta to…well…pasta; I’m obsessed with pasta! But I love my pizza and fried foods and all of that as well. Now when it comes to the body, how you eat is just as important as exercising. I’m gonna be honest, this is still a MAJOR work in progress. When I eat right, I’m hungry for junk! And that gets so uncomfortable. As my body continues this adjustment, I know I’ll begin to feel so much better in the long run.

4. Letting Certain People Out of my Life

God brings people into our lives for various reasons. Some of those people stay in your life for a season or for a lifetime. When I was young, I always thought friendships and relationships lasted forever. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that sentiment. But I learned, especially after ending my marriage, that it’s ok to let go. After all, the tighter the grip, the more painful it can become. If you are caught in a toxic cycle, it’s ok break free. In letting go, the healing process can begin.

So Remember to Always Pray and Keep Pushing!