How I Battle My Depression Symptoms

How I Battle My Depression Symptoms

Once upon a time, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety were consider once considered so taboo in our society…particularly in the black community. There was a time where we had to face these battles alone with no support. Because talking about it warranted ridicule and further isolation.

By the time I was diagnosed with depression as a teenager, I’ll admit that I was once afraid of what people may have thought of me or what my future would be like while living with this illness. However, as I began to understand what I had, I learned that it was ok. It’s ok, as long as we don’t use it as a crutch. I’m not ashamed to say that I have depression. And I will also tell you that I refused to let this illness define who I am. I was not going to let it slow me down from reaching my goals in life.

At the end of the day though, I’m human.

I’ve had plenty of moments where my depression symptoms would knock be down. But I always have my routine lined up to pull myself out. Here are some things that I do to ease my symptoms of depression:

1. Music

Music has always been therapy for me since I was a child. Once upon a time, I couldn’t sleep without it and I would listen to it for hours. As I went through my toxic relationship, my depression symptoms only worsened due to the negative comments that I heard everyday. In these recent times, I found that gospel music has been the way to go. As I placed my life in God’s hands and let Jesus take the wheel, I found that my spirit was in a much better place. Since then, gospel music has always been my go-to when the depression tries to creep up.

2. Journal

Writing is my passion and has always been my ultimate way of letting my feelings out. When I deal with my symptoms, it’s nothing for me to grab my journal and just let it all out on the paper. Writing allows things to really resonate with me. It allows me to look deep within myself and get down to the root of the issue.

3. My Children

This list would not be complete without them. Their smiles give me life every single day. There would be days where I’m struggling, but when I see them laughing and playing my heart fills with joy. The unconditional love that I have for them teaches me God’s unconditional love for me as His child. It’s always uplifting.

4. Exercise

The gym has become my second home! The start is not easy but as I became acclimated to working out, I found that my mind would be clearer and my energy would improve. Exercising ifs filled with so many wonderful benefits that help me battle the symptoms. Because I have depression, I’ve been more inspired to take care of myself mentally and physically and it’s an amazing feeling!

Remember to Always Pray and Keep Pushing!