Giving God More Time

Giving God More Time

“Take a loss as a lesson.” That is something I always tell my sons when they lose a game, or when something doesn’t go right for them.

Life is going to throw hurdles at us way more often than not. Instead of being fixated on those hurdles, God wants us to stay fixated on Him so that He can fight those hurdles for us. How amazing is that?!

Last month I ran onto some tough times. Things just weren’t going the way I had planned. And I’ll be honest, I was losing my inspiration for this blog. Why? Because my problems were deterring from my purpose—the purpose that God has for me. I was toeing a line where I was going to give up on everything; lingering closer to the shell that I was once becoming just a year or so ago.

But God shot something into me. He told me to stop and stay focused on Him. In fact, through a conversation with a friend, He told me that although I was giving Him some of my time, He wanted MORE time!

So that’s what I intend to do! Here and now, I will devote more time to my Lord and Savior. God has given me so much and yet all He want is time. More of my time. More of your time. More of you. More of Me.

As we enter into this new month, our time and commitment should go to him! My time and commitment will be going to Him! I may be God’s child but I am not perfect. We all fall short. Like any child, it stings when your parent tells you that you fell short. But like any other loving parent, God is and will always come from a place of love.

Yes, I may have lost for a while, but out of that loss came from a very important lesson, in Jesus’ Name!

Remember to always pray and keep pushing!